• Join the 2022 TGT College Pick 'Em group on ESPN.com!

    Think you can predict the winners each week of the college football season? If so, join our annual College Pick 'Em group!

    Each week, pick the winner of 10 match-ups along with your confidence level. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be the winner.

    The group is FREE to join and the winner will receive a $20 gift card of their choosing (Amazon, PSN, XBL, etc.).

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    Group Name: The Gaming Tailgate

    Here's how the game works: Every week throughout the college football season, we select 10 evenly matched games. It's then up to you to do your research (or go with your gut) and select the winners of these games while also ranking them from 1-10 based on your confidence level.

    For example, if you correctly pick the winner of your most confident game, you receive 10 points. On the other hand, winning the game you feel least confident about is only worth one point. Any time you lose a game, no points are awarded - so be careful which ones you declare as your most confident. Good luck on all your picks this fall.

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    The winner (who must be in good standing at TGT to claim their prize) will receive a $20 PSN/XBL/Nintendo/Amazon gift card of their choosing. It is free to enter, so feel welcome to invite family and friends.
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