• Madden 23 Launches August 19, Features FieldSENSE & Franchise Mode Improvements

    Madden Season is underway as EA SPORTS has revealed the first game details and information for Madden NFL 23.

    To the surprise of no one, the late John Madden will grace the cover of each game version, including Madden NFL Mobile. It will be the first time Madden has been on the cover of his namesake title since 2000. Madden NFL 23 will be released on August 19, 2022.

    Continue on for the first details regarding gameplay, namely the addition of FieldSENSE and foundational football improvements, as well as links to all early and relevant M23 coverage, including Franchise Mode and Face of the Franchise news.

    In terms of gameplay, the big addition/focus will be the new FieldSENSE Gameplay System. What is FieldSENSE?

    Per EA: "FieldSENSE is the foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay that gives you more control at every position and affects every game mode in Madden NFL 23. Fueled by new physics-informed animation and animation-branching technology, FieldSENSE makes gameplay more authentic bringing more variety and realistic, physics driven outcomes. FieldSENSE comes to life in Madden NFL 23 in four major ways, through new control mechanics that were calling: Hit Everything, Skill-Based Passing, 360 Cuts, and WR vs DB Battles. Were starting on the defensive side of the ball with Hit Everything." Read EA's Gridiron Notes - FieldSENSE Deep Dive here for more details.

    In another Gridiron Notes blog, EA discusses additional 'foundational football' improvements, including pass coverage, pass rush, and QB Contain on the defensive side. Other improvements include new context-sensitive catching animations, a focus on streamlining and differentiating playbooks, new injury animations, new signature animations, and more. Check out EA's Gridiron Notes - Gameplay: Foundational Football blog here for more information.

    A third EA blog provides a quick overview on all game modes and features coming to Madden NFL 23. Read the Gridiron Notes - Welcome to Madden NFL 23 blog here.

    Game Informer's preview touches on information gleaned at an in-studio event for journalists and content creators. Per Senior Producer Mike Mahar: "While I can't sit here and say unequivocally that we've fixed every single issue, I can say unequivocally we've addressed hundreds of issues in pre-production, and we added hundreds more during production that we addressed."

    Franchise Mode improvements include: new motivations and tags in Free Agency, improved draft and trade logic, a more active trading block, "more scouts in the pool, the ability to scout multiple positions at once, weighted attribute reveals showing skills relevant to their position, more unique draft classes, and 3D models in the player cards," among other items.

    Face of the Franchise will focus on a player already in the NFL going through free agency, meaning there will be no high school or college component this year.

    IGN's preview mentions some Franchise Mode improvements: "Madden NFL 23 promises a built-up and refined version which includes staff management, weekly game planning, and scouting. New free agency tools, improved trade logic, and increased scout decision making also increase the authenticity, all packaged together with a simplified user interface intended to create a stronger understanding of how to build a strong franchise."

    Finally, a closed beta is available for Madden NFL 23 as this Gridiron Notes blog details. TGT hopes to have beta codes to provide for the community in the near future.

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