• How would you implement Spring Football into EA SPORTS College Football?

    It's currently spring football season for many college football programs around the country.

    What aspects of spring football would you like to see incorporated into EA SPORTS College Football?

    Share your thoughts & ideas with us and we'll use them in an upcoming TGT Podcast.
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      cdj -
      Some early responses from the community:

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      I’m not sure I’d do it any differently than how it was done in the PS2-era. Only instead of doing drills/mini-games for summer training, just roll that into spring. Bring back the classic mini-games like pocket presence, Oklahoma drill, etc.. Attribute upgrades can be given based on performance in said drills, with some players having the opportunity to earn more than others based on a progression rating or something.

      As for a spring game, use the scrimmage model from the older games as well, but let us pick the rosters for that game. Let me choose how many snaps the QB’s get with the 1’s or 2’s. I also think it’d be neat to use the spring game as a big recruiting weekend.
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      cdj -
      I really like the idea of drills/mini-games being part of player development in the spring, OLATHE.

      Also really like the idea of selecting rosters and game format. IMO, if any future Spring Game is just a standard game, it'll lose any charm and replay ability fast. If done right, it could eventually be a fun, quick, online game mode as well.

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      If you’re changing coaches or schemes, the ability to train or do drills to reshape player attributes and/or positions (ie changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4). Maybe awareness for players go down in this scenario too and you have to build it back up.

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