• EA President of Music Talks 'College Football'

    In an exclusive interview with Brian Jones of popculture.com, EA President of Music Steve Schnur gave some very early, but vague, information regarding the soundtrack for EA SPORTS College Football. Some excerpts:

    "I'm a hundred percent on it. I've already been all over it for a couple of months," Schnur told PopCulture. "I can tell you that it will be very different [from] Madden, but it's going to be so awesome because I have had an idea, a concept of what I imagined would be the most amazing college football musical experience. ... But when I pitched the executive producer on this idea, I don't think it took him three seconds to go, 'Go.' And so I can't give you details because I literally, I haven't recorded a note yet, but I can tell you that if we could meet next year, I promise you I will put a hundred bucks down you are going to say to me, 'That idea just kicks ass.'

    Read the full article at popculture.com. After reading the article, let us know what you think this new approach might be in the comments below.
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    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      Complete guess here: Given Schnur's affinity for the soundtrack approach in Madden NFL while also talking about a 'college football musical experience' that he would need to 'record a note' for, perhaps the title may focus on songs from upcoming artists while 'remixing' them with a college marching band sound. While he may have been talking off the cuff, it's worth noting Schnur stated that news for EA SPORTS College Football may be public within a year.

      Here is a link to the aforementioned NCAA Football 06 Soundtrack. While it was fine for the theme of the year (Race for the Heisman), IIRC the community preferred having college fights songs (& marching band styles instrumentals) in the menus and game. Personally, I don't mind a new musical approach - I think many aspects of the game will take a 'new approach' - but hope fight songs and traditional college music are still present.
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      steelerfan -
      They can add whatever music they want (and hopefully allow me to revert to fight songs) as long as the game is good.

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