• Community Discussion: Improving the Custom Conferences Feature

    With the SEC adding Oklahoma and Texas in the near future and more conference shake-ups likely, the Custom Conferences feature from NCAA Football may find itself being a necessary addition to the EA SPORTS College Football franchise sooner rather than later.

    In NCAA Football 14, the feature allowed users to move teams among existing conferences (with conference size restrictions), import teambuilder teams, rename divisions, set BCS automatic qualifiers, as well as providing other options for the conference.

    What options/improvements would you like to see in any future version of the Custom Conferences feature in EA SPORTS College Football?

    Share your thoughts and ideas with the community and we'll highlight them in a future edition of The Gaming Tailgate Podcast.

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    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      There's lots of potential for improvements on an already solid feature, but off the top of my head three of the biggest would be:

      - Wider size restrictions. With rumors of 20-team conferences on the horizon, the game will need to handle this plus options for 'pods' (four divisions).

      - Ability to edit/remove existing conferences; go above or below 130 teams. I realize conferences aren't likely going to support this, but as a CFB fan the potential to change the landscape so drastically would be very fun and engaging.

      - Ability to set playoff size (4, 8, 12, 16, plus field determination - conf. champs?) & format (BCS, pre-BCS structure) along with setting entire bowl affiliations.

      Basically the more customization options the better, especially if there is a likelihood the rosters will be generic in year one (or longer.)