• CFB Revamped Brings Updated Look to NCAA Football 14

    A significant update to 'CFB Revamped' has brought updated UI, scorebug, menus, playcall screen, and loading screens to NCAA Football 14 that match this season's ESPN branding.

    CFB Revamped helps keep NCAA Football 14 as current as possible with "updated jerseys, helmets, pants, fields, gloves, logos," and even teams as it has added Appalachian State and Coastal Carolina.

    What is CFB Revamped? CFB Revamped is an update to NCAA Football 14 for modded Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 consoles, as well as on PC via an emulator. It is being updated by community members at-large who are not asking for any money or compensation. (We recommend that users do NOT mod their console unless they are 100% confident in the methodology and consequences to their console of doing so.)

    Learn more about CFB Revamped at their official site. Continue on to see some screenshots comparisons of updates they have brought to the game so far.

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      What are the consequences of modding my PS3 and how hard is it? Iím assuming I could kill it, if I were to do something wrong.