• Madden NFL 21 Builds on 'Face of the Franchise' Mode

    Today, EA SPORTS revealed some of the improvements coming to Face of the Franchise mode in Madden NFL 21 (current gen). In M21, players will begin their journey in high school before attempting to make the NFL Hall of Fame.

    In high school, users can customize their school name, city, and mascot. From there, users will select from one of ten FBS programs to sign with. The ten college programs users can select from are: Clemson, Florida, LSU, Miami, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and USC. Users will be able to play two seasons, but will have an ultimatum regarding their position made by the head coach following their first season. (It is unclear how the two seasons will play out given the limited number of schools.)

    The NFL Combine will allow users to improve draft stock with the 40-yard dash as well as a 'pivotal' press conference. Once in the NFL, there will be numerous storylines that will alter your journey and potential path to Hall of Famer.

    Continue on to read the official blog from EA SPORTS, but note that it contains spoilers for the storylines within the mode.

    SPOILER WARNING: Story spoilers ahead for Face of the Franchise!


    Create yourself as a player and jump into Face of the Franchise where you will shape your career from High School all the way to the Hall of Fame.

    High School

    High School Ė itís where most start their journey towards adulthood, but for you, youíre also about to embark on your journey into football stardom! Step into the halls where it all begins as you customize your high school experience by choosing your school name, city and even mascot. From there your story begins to unfold as youíre plucked from relative obscurity to provide depth behind the schoolís resident star QB Tommy Matthews. Your backup gig is shortly lived however as Tommy has been harboring a secret about his health Ė one that he shares only with you, leaving you with a crisis of conscious. Do you keep his secret and risk his health, or do you betray his trust and shed light on his potentially serious condition? Your decision will define your relationship together throughout your story as you and Tommy at times teeter between best friends and bitter rivals, but through it all you can you find a way to join forces and lead your team to the promised land Ė a State Championship?!


    Your story doesnít end there though as youíre thrust center stage on National Signing Day as ten FBS schools vie for your talents. What starts off as a normal Signing Day ends with a dramatic twist after you don the hat of the school youíve chosen to attend. Once you set foot on campus the stakes get even higher as you not only have to deftly navigate a Quarterback controversy right out of the gate, but also have to figure out how to appease your domineering, old school approach, newly minted Head Coach Red OíBrien Ė all while attempting to build your draft stock through two challenging seasons of college football AND win an College Football Playoff Championship (or two) along the way. As if that werenít enough, youíre thrown out of your comfort zone and into disarray when Coach OíBrien delivers you an ultimatum Ė either switch positions to Running Back or Wide Receiver, or pack your bags and take your chances in the NFL Draft!

    Combine & Draft

    Since 1982 the NFL Combine has been hallowed ground for the NFLís next generation of talent to showcase their skills for prospective teams. Now itís your turn as you tread those very same grounds and put your abilities to the test amongst your fellow elite up and coming talent. But your skills on the field wonít be the only thing scouts will be watching as youíre forced to step up to the mic at a pivotal press conference and either let fate decide where you go in the draft or help influence which team selects you. This life changing experience continues when you encounter a chance meeting with legendary NFL commentator Rich Eisen as he helps prepare you for the most crucial event of the combine, the event that can make or break your career Ė the illustrious 40-yard dash!


    Your career will have numerous twists and turns as you navigate the many obstacles of the NFL where you will be able to live out NFL storylines ripped from the headlines.

    Franchise Savior

    Youíve entered the NFL as one of the most highly touted prospects in your draft class, and that means an entire organization is putting their Super Bowl hopes and dreams on your shoulders. All-time greats were able to deliver on those championship hopes. Now itís time to prove that youíre cut from the same cloth as those legends.

    Next Man Up

    After being selected in the NFL Draft by a team with a solidified starter at your position, itís clear that even if your time isnít now, it will come soon enough. How will you win over the veterans in the locker room in the meantime? And if the time comes that youíre thrust into action sooner than expected, will you be able to prove youíre the man for the job, like Russell Wilson did so seamlessly in Seattle?


    Following an up and down college career, you were selected in the later rounds of the NFL Draft by a team in search of additional depth at your position. Even though itís unlikely that future plans include you, these odds arenít necessarily insurmountable. Tom Brady made the most of his opportunity to step up back in 2001. Can you make the most of yours and earn yourself a starting job?

    Bitter Rivals

    Whether itís team versus team or player versus player, the best rivalries are forever etched in the NFLís long, illustrious history. Now in the social media era, itís possible for rivalries to become more contentious and public than ever. When you and a defensive player on a division rival get into a war of words on social media, itís only the beginning of the rivalry to come.

    Dream Team

    Teams with great talent are forced to face great expectations Ö Super Bowl expectations. Countless teams have fallen short of these expectations, like the 2007 Patriots, the 2001 Rams, and the 1998 Vikings. Can you and your Dream Team come together and complete the dream season, or are there too many obstacles in the way of once-in-a-generation greatness?

    The Comeback

    The struggle of coming back from a serious injury is too much for many players to overcome. But a handful of legends have been better than ever after making their returns. In 2012, Adrian Peterson finished first in MVP voting after suffering a career-threatening injury the previous season. After an injury forces you to sit out most of the year, can you regain your form and reestablish yourself as one of the NFLís best?

    Turf War

    After a subpar performance last season, youíre suddenly facing competition for your starting position. But a good old position battle could end up bringing out the best in everyone involved. Can you hold off the in-house opposition and come out even better than before, or is your job in serious jeopardy?

    Into The Sunset

    After a long and storied NFL career, itís just about time to hang up your cleats. That doesnít mean your final act canít be your greatest act yet though. Your team has declined and your best days may be behind you, but itís time to prove you still have what it takes to right the ship one more time and end your career as a champion.


    Tommy Mathews: Career long rival and friend - played by Tye Sheridan.
    Reggie Brown: Interviewer and friend - played by Michael Beach and Moses Jones.
    Coach Fetu Vaitai: High school legend and football coach - played by Cooper Andrews.
    Coach Red Oí Brien: Defensive mastermind college coach - played by Robert Patrick.
    Snoop Dogg: Played by himself.
    Rich Eisen: Played by himself.
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