• Madden 20 to Include the College Football Playoff and Ten CFB Programs

    As part of tonight's Madden NFL 20 cover athlete reveal, EA SPORTS also announced the new mode 'Face of the Franchise: QB1' and the inclusion of the College Football Playoff and ten college football programs.

    This new mode is being labeled as a career campaign centered around the user. Players will create a quarterback that they can then compete in the College Football Playoff en route to being drafted and entering the NFL.

    The ten programs that users can select to place their created quarterback are Clemson, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami, Oklahoma, Oregon, Southern Cal, Texas, and Texas Tech.

    Following the cancellation of the NCAA Football franchise in 2013, Madden NFL 18's Longshot mode was the first to include any form of college football with users playing as Texas versus Oregon in Darrell K. Royal Stadium. With M20 adding the College Football Playoff and ten total programs, could EA SPORTS be planning an eventual return to college football gaming? At the very least, it would seem that the company has realized including college football in Madden - and making it one of their first major marketing announcements - is a selling point for the product.

    Are you excited to see the College Football Playoff in M20? What programs are you most excited to see or wish would have been added?
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    1. bdoughty's Avatar
      bdoughty -
      Texas Tech? I get Mahomes is the cover guy but Texas Tech? Replace them with UCF for some small school love. I would have replaced Southern Cal with Washington. Florida St with Ohio State. Miami with Notre Dame. Oregon with Alabama. LSU with Georgia.

      I am sure licensing was an issue but some weird choices. Three Florida schools, two middle of the pack PAC-12 schools and Tech. Not to mention leaving out two of the best teams in the nation from the beloved SEC.

      Hope they can be used in exhibitions and a create a playoff mode. I don't want to play through a story mode (or QB enter Draft stuff) just to play with college teams.
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      Since Jim Harbaugh can't develop QBs at Michigan I guess it's not a shock they aren't in!
    1. jaymo76's Avatar
      jaymo76 -
      Doesn't really sound all that appealing actually. The way it was done in longshot was pretty weak. I wonder if it's full games or just key instances?