• Tim Tebow at EA Sports - Part Two

    Tim Tebow visited Tiburon Studios and during his time there, he got a tour of the studio and some time with the game. Continue after the break to watch the video.

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    1. JBHuskers's Avatar
      JBHuskers -
      That was a great video. Carlos did a good job with that piece.
    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      Carlos and the guys from the Live Team did more for Tebow's rep in a couple videos than ESPN did for four years. ESPN shoved him down our throats and made him unlikable, but these vids showed the normal side of him and he seems like an everyday guy.
    1. JeffHCross's Avatar
      JeffHCross -
      Carlos did an amazing job on that video. And yeah, I like Tebow a hell of a lot more now than I did while he was at Florida.

      Though, to be fair, Tebow has a completely different mentality on the field than he shows in this vid. So he did cultivate that image as much as ESPN did.