• MLB 16 - Road to The Show and ShowTime VLOG

    A new video blog from MLB The Show 16 details some of the improvements coming to Road to the Show (RTTS).

    This year in RTTS, users can play a series of games without having to go to the main menu which should allow for more games completed in less time. Changes to the training system allow users to utilize specific gameplay perks to help them excel. ShowTime is a new way to slow down the action in critical moments to help give the user more control.

    The perks system has been a source of some debate and concern by the community as some worry that it could be gimmicky and ruin the purity of the mode.

    The next MLB 16 livestream is tentatively scheduled for February 4 at 2 PM PT on Twitch with a deep dive look at Road to the Show improvements and the new ShowTime feature.

    Continue on to see the MLB 16 VLOG as well as the upcoming information release schedule.

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    1. JBHuskers's Avatar
      JBHuskers -
      This is nice (from Polygon who took the time to explain the video)

      A subtle, but very useful, change this year on the PlayStation 4 edition of the game now allows players to play all the games in a series without returning to The Show's main menu. This will be of particular use to those playing position players or hitters and simulating everything other than their at-bats and fielding chances. MLB The Show's loading times improved somewhat last year, but it still could be a long wait for a short burst of action.
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      Nothing was worse than the install time on MLB 14. That was like over an hour. Brutal! I think game loads were around a minute.