• EA SPORTS Launches MUT Rewards

    At MUTrewards.com, EA SPORTS has launched a reward system for the dedicated and passionate fans of Madden Ultimate Team.

    Players who sign up for the program will earn rewards based on the volume of packs opened in Madden Ultimate Team. 50 packs earns Pro Level status, 250 packs All-Pro Level, and 1,000 packs for Legendary.

    While the initial article from EA SPORTS was thin on details, via social media MUT developers clarified that packs opened in Madden 15 will count towards reward level status.

    Continue on to read the full release on the new MUT Rewards program.

    Join MUT Rewards today and start earning rewards for opening packs in Madden Ultimate Team. You can join by signing in to your EA Account and completing the form below!

    Players who sign up for MUT Rewards will receive gifts from EA SPORTS based on the number of Packs they've opened. MUT Rewards is limited to players in the United States only.

    Earning rewards is easy. As you open more packs, you'll earn more rewards. You'll even get a MUT Loyalty Badge as a reward when you join today. Loyalty Badges can be redeemed in Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team for Packs, OVR boosts, Player Items, and Contracts. Some of these rewards will be repeatable. Packs you pay for with Coins or Points count towards your total packs opened!

    Legendary Level: 1,000 Packs Opened all packs count
    All-Pro Level: 250 Packs Opened all packs count
    Pro Level: 50 Packs Opened all packs count

    Click here to sign up.
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    1. bdoughty's Avatar
      bdoughty -
      If only EA would reward me for not playing MUT, FUT, HUT.
    1. steelerfan's Avatar
      steelerfan -
      Quote Originally Posted by bdoughty View Post
      If only EA would reward me for not playing MUT, FUT, HUT.
      Your reward is keeping your money. And your dignity.
    1. JBHuskers's Avatar
      JBHuskers -
      I spent way too much last year. Probably gonna dial it back A LOT this year.
    1. CLW's Avatar
      CLW -
      When I try the link to signup (so I can give JB/CDJ all my MUT stuff as soon as I get the ) I keep getting:

      You do not have a gamertag associated with a console. You must first login to EA through a console.

      Anyone have a clue what this is about?