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Thread: (xb360) league lookiing for sim heads

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    (xb360) league lookiing for sim heads

    Updated 6/10/17

    Thanks for your interest.

    Just to give you some history.

    This league started about 3 years ago. We went through 12 seasons. I took about a year off for health reasons.

    The league is at the start of the 3rd week.

    We have 2 slots available.

    We have a legit, Working man’s league that is well organized!!
    We are older, competitive, sim sports gamers who have
    responsibilities such as work and families, which prevents us
    from advancing every day.

    We advance 72 hours and sometimes earlier, depending on the week.

    This league has some players from the previous 12 seasons. We are looking for some more sim heads.

    WE PLAY SIM with a sim rulebook as our guide.

    Custom Conferences: Big10, Pac12, SEC

    This league requires fast internet

    If your interested please go to sign-ups

    We will be in contact with you shortly.

    If any questions please contact (GT: PacManStew).
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