Game Informer has posted an article with 48 details from MLB The Show 17. Some of these details have been disclosed in previously released game videos and media, while others are new.

Here are some excerpts:


  • Some of the work done on the faces in particular include: Sweat effects, new skin tone lighting and textures, and eyes with more depth and life. The latter includes getting the eye shapes right. "Hopefully," says Russell, "we lost that ghost look."
  • The shadows on players' faces when wearing caps were faked last year, but in 17 they are from real lighting sources.

Other Tweaks & Improvements

  • Russell on MLB The Show 17 and eSports: "I can't say anything about that subject at the moment."
  • Environmental factors such as the time of year and temperature affecting balls are for all parks, not just certain ones like in the past (like Coors Field).
  • The tutorials have been totally redone.
  • Players played out of position will be punished in terms of their ratings and effectiveness.
  • How much new commentary is in the game? This much: [Pile of papers three baseballs high]