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Thread: MLB The Show 17 - Twitch Livestream: New Gameplay Features & Retro Mode

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    MLB The Show 17 - Twitch Livestream: New Gameplay Features & Retro Mode

    Livestream featured the following MLB The Show 17 developers & team members:
    Nick Livingston, Kyle Saul, & Stephen Hass (Live Content), Chris Gill (Sr. Managing Producer), Jeff McArthur (Lead AI Programmer)

    - New Ball Physics, Expanded Hit Variety
    • Greatly increased variety of hits possible in The Show: Curving grounders down the lines, bloops, Texas leaguers, and top spin line drives.
    • Physics are tuned using real world video and measured HR distances to accurately model the path of flight, temperature, and altitude effects.

    - Humanity AI
    • AI will behave even more like a human - not always running to the exact spot on balls off the wall, CPU step off timing variety, fake throw timing in run downs, baserunner and throw decisions.

    - Cat and Mouse Gameplay
    • Defense vs. pesky baserunners get more focus

    - All New Catch and Throw Engine
    • New, more sophisticated system and hundreds of new animations.
    • Smarter and more efficient.
    • New multi-branch system - A variety of throws come from the same catch depending on when you throw the ball as the catch is being made.
    • Balanced throws animation.

    - New Gameplay Animations, Improved Player Uniqueness and Personality
    • Additional new home run sequence, on base and post-game player and team specific animations
    • Additional new player specific home run animations
    • New outfield post game rituals
    • Over 350 new and re-done batting stance and HR celebrations
    • Over 300 new and re-done pitching animations
    • Hundreds of new presentation animations
    • Over 1,000 new gameplay animations
    • More variety of pitcher reactions and catches, dives, double plays, throws, pick offs, back picks, catches on the run, routine, backhands, forehands, jumping.
    • Fielding, catching, DP turns, dives relay throws, foul ball catches, and catcher force out animations.
    • Brand new varieties of catcher setups.

    - Retro Mode: A retro-sim inspired gameplay experience that pays homage to the classic baseball games
    • Feel like an MVP from the get-go
    • Custom audio with special throwback music
    • Ken Griffey Jr. commentary

    - 30 new legends this year
    • Ken Griffey Jr.
    • Warren Spahn
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    Won't play it much but it's a neat feature I guess.

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