The latest NHL 17 content update is now available for download worldwide on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The update will include significant gameplay and game mode updates based on feedback from the community.

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  • Improved functionality to stick lifts in the open ice and during net battles.

EA SPORTS Hockey League

  • Addressed issue with EASHL Drop-in’s where captains on the Class Select screen couldn’t change player class or jersey selection.
  • Added a roster download check on entry into EASHL to fix an issue where Creation Zone in EASHL wouldn’t load newly added jerseys or equipment.
  • Resolution to a jersey issue seen by some users after they switched from custom uniforms to stock.
  • Resolved issue where some EASHL teams were not able to match up in regular season games after winning an EASHL Playoff Championship.

Hockey Ultimate Team

  • Reduce the chances of the HUT Infinite load issue from occurring.
  • Added additional telemetry logging to help us gather more information about the HUT infinite load issue.


  • Improved game stability online and offline based on some crash issues seen by the community.