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Thread: PH'15: Season 6 Recruiting

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    KU was only able to add one final piece to their class.


    #52 #1CB
    Lance Quinn made the KU coaches work for it. The #1 cornerback in the country, Quinn is basically a clone of last season's top signee, Mark Higgins. Quinn visited Lawrence early in the season, for their Week 7 victory over Florida, but wasn't ready to commit at that time. Since then, it has been a season long battle between KU, Oregon, Wyoming and New Mexico State, with KU leading the way until a late-season visit to Eugene gave the Ducks the edge. KU was able to convine Quinn during the offseason though, and he's now a Jayhawk. Quinn excels with top-end speed, good lateral movement and acceleration, solid coverage skills, and a surpising ability to take the right angle to the ball carrier. Quinn, like Higgins, will move to strong safety, and will pair with Higgins once the current starters graduate in a couple of years.

    Quinn will redshirt next season while players in front of him finish their eligibility. He chose KU over Oregon, Wyoming and New Mexico State.

    Name Pos (Orig) Caliber OVR Committed
    Bryan Howard WR (ATH)
    81 Week 9
    Andrew Walker OLB
    81 Week 7
    Jim Freeman LT
    79 Week 6
    Antwan Smith MLB (OLB)
    78 Week 12
    Lance Quinn SS (CB)
    78 Offseason
    Seth Thompson G
    75 Week 13
    Kevin Abrams DT
    75 Week 13
    Tristan Wilson OLB
    74 Week 7
    Alvin Mason CB
    74 Week 9
    Sean Lambert WR
    73 Week 14
    Brandon Gibbs FS/SS (CB)
    69 Week 9
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    Arkansas State completes their class of 18 players by adding two FBs.

    Huston is a monster of an OL with the body of a FB. With great strength and all-around blocking abilities, he'll be clearing a path for the ASU runners. While he doesn't possess any real running skills, the Red Wolves' FBs rarely carry the ball so that won't matter much.

    ASU's previously starting FB graduated so Huston will start immediately and will also be an upgrade at the position.

    Huston also received offers Texas, Tennessee, and Florida Atlantic.
    Russell doesn't jump off the page like Huston does. He's solid and capable but still needs to grow and expand his abilities as a blocker.

    For now, he'll redshirt but expect to see both Huston and Russell in the backfield in certain packages at times.

    Russell received no other offers.

    Name Pos (Orig) Caliber OVR Committed
    Quinton White WR (ATH) 81 Week 9
    James Berry RG (T) 80 Week 4
    Jordan Miller DT (ATH) 80 Week 3
    Tim Cobb QB 80 Week 9
    Ryan Stover HB (ATH) 79 Week 7
    Terrence Thomas P 79 Week 8
    Bill Huston FB 79 Offseason
    Chase Harmon OL (T) 77 Week 1
    James Simmons WR 77 Week 7
    Matt Bowen QB (ATH) 77 Week 8
    Mark Russell DE
    77 Week 9
    D'Juan Matthews MLB 76 Week 3
    Wendell Whitworth CB (ATH) 75 Week 1
    Brad Brown OLB 75 Week 6
    Avery Goss WR 72 Week 10
    Brian Pitts SS (ATH) 70 Week 9
    Dante Norwood DT 69 Week 6
    Michah Russell FB 67 Week 13

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    A few recruits WVU added before the offseason but just now posting

    Jones was a late find for the Mountaineers after losing out on Cobb to Arkansas State. Not a bad 2nd choice for WVU as Jones will be the backup to Bean after both redshirt their first year on campus.

    Ohio State was also in the running
    Graham will be replacing a Groza award nominee soon as he steps foot on campus. He of course will start next season, but will still need to improve on his leg strength as Coaches' want touchbacks on atleast 90% of kickoffs.

    No other schools showed interest
    WR, HB
    Wilcox was another late find and at the time he didn't have WVU on his radar. Kansas led and coaches figured would sign him, but eventually dropped him allowing WVU to come into the picture. Wilcox isn't needed at the WR spot but he will see some time on kickoffs and possibly carrying the ball. He possess strong receiving skills aside from his hands which he will need to improve. In 2 years he could see starting time other than as a gadget type player

    Name Pos (Orig) Caliber OVR Committed
    Mike Gipson OLB 80 Week 7
    Dustin Taylor WR, FS (ATH) 78 Week 7
    David Morrison DE 80 Week 4
    Lenny Bean QB,WR,CB (ATH) 78 Week 4
    Shane Graham K 78 Week 13
    Kyle Jones QB 78 Week 13
    Matt Wilcox WR,HB 74 Week 13
    David Janson CB (ATH) 76 Week 10
    Travis Porter HB,CB (ATH) 76 Week 12
    Michael Swan WR 74 Week 4
    Zach Casey SS, FS 70 Week 7
    Andy Burns OLB, MLB 74 Week 7
    Jeff Jordan WR 73 Week 4
    Nathan McNair MLB 70 Week 12
    Christian Carroll OLB 68 Week 10
    Connor Randall CB, FS (ATH) 66 Week 10
    Clarence Wilson TE 64 Week 1



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