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Thread: EA SPORTS UFC 2 - Career Mode & Online Championships

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    EA SPORTS UFC 2 - Career Mode & Online Championships

    A new EA SPORTS UFC 2 video details some of the changes coming to the game's Career Mode and Online Championship.

    Career Mode has been revamped in EA SPORTS UFC 2. Users can select an existing fighter - including women's fighters/divisions - or create their own. To no surprise, the mode begins in The Ultimate Fighter. From there, a Fight Offer system including some on short notice (which provide larger rewards, but less time to prepare) let the user select their career path.

    A new Training Camp system allows for customization in preparing for your opponent. Training can help you get better, but doing so too hard could lead you into the next fight fatigued or even injured.

    In Online Championships, results are now predicated on each individual match and not on 10-game seasons, as before. Continue on to see the video from EA SPORTS. As of this writing, there is no accompanying blog entry.

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