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Yeah. Don't get me wrong (not that you did) I'm enjoying it. For me, just being able to fire it up and play as Jason and slaughter some motherfuckers is all I need to be content. However, if it is fleshed out a bit and some counselors can escape me sometimes it would be remarkable.

I'm glad to hear they took the car off road. I haven't seen that yet in the couple of times they got the car started. That's really good news.
Yeah, that really surprised me when they did that. I was off near a cabin, heard the car start, pulled up the map to morph and saw the car take the off road shortcut. I wasn't expecting that to be possible with bots, I figured they'd be hard wired to driving on shown roads/paths in the cars. But I sure won't complain! It has a very nice "real player" feel to it when the bots do something like that, makes it almost feel like I'm playing with a lobby of real humans.

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