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Thread: NHL 15 Patch 1.04 Now Available

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    NHL 15 Patch 1.04 Now Available

    The latest NHL 15 patch (v1.04) is now available. It addresses numerous gameplay and HUT issues while also adding in two new modes: Online Team Play and Be A GM.


    - Improved penalty logic for goalie interference calls.
    - Improved goalie decision making when playing the puck outside of the crease.
    - Pass Assist sliders have been tuned so that they now have the desired effect depending on the user setting.
    - Fixed issue where strategy overlay would show when User Strategy Adjustment slider is turned up.
    - Fixed rare issue where players would enter an unusual animation state after being body checked during a poke check.


    - Fixed rare crash issues that can occur when sending won auction item to your Collection.
    - Fixed hang during matchmaking search search in Versus.
    - Users will now be able to change auction prices faster.
    - Users that lose connection from their opponent are returned to HUT.

    Online Team Play:

    - Play with up to ten players, locked to a single position using real-world rosters.

    Be A GM:

    - All-new NHL Entry Draft.
    - The NHL Entry Draft has been completely re-done to create a more authentic experience.
    - Users will be put on the clock and now only have 3 minutes to make a draft pick just like real life.
    - Users can call timeouts to extend the amount of time they have for a draft pick.
    - Teams can now trade at any point during the draft.

    New uniforms for the following teams:

    - Philadelphia Flyers 3rd jersey
    - Pittsburgh Penguins 3rd jersey
    - Tampa Bay Lightning 3rd jersey
    - Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL) 3rd jersey
    - Red Deer Rebels (WHL) 3rd jersey
    - Sarnia Sting (WHL) 3rd jersey
    - Boisbriand-Blainville Armada (QMJHL) 3rd jersey

    Be A Pro:

    - Addressed shootout coach feedback overlay issue.

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    Finally cracked this open last night. Started Be A Pro. Since GM Connected is dead and gone, I might try OTP more.
    The dude abides.

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