For the record, this might just be the best "quality of life" change/update in NMS Beyond.

  • Technology can now be installed in stages, allowing incomplete tech to be placed in an inventory and its individual components added over time.
  • Technology can now be moved after installation.
Last night, I spent probably an hour moving all of my technology on my starship, my freighter, my multi-tool and my suit's technology slots around, maximizing everything. I significantly improved the weapons, thrusters and hyperdrive on my starship, seriously boosted my weapons on my multi-tool, as well as move some things around to fix bad placements of technology in the past. Everything is completely optimized now thanks to the ability to move technology anywhere you want, even after it's been installed.

Sadly, my ship went from like 18 free slots to only 2, but I massively upgraded my infra-knife, my photon cannons, my warp drive, my thrusters, my shields, etc. My ship is more powerful and better in every single area now than it was before last night. Plus with a maxed out suit inventory, plus the ability to carry 10,000 of every resource in my extra capacity inventory on my suit, I have something like 30+ open inventory slots in my suit right now, so I don't even need to carry anything on my ship anymore.