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    Oneback | Texas Longhorns

    Scouting Report for the Texas Longhorns

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    Oneback currently is having trouble on offense but I say this carefully. He knows what he is doing but just doesn't have that thing that pops out that says oh yeah this is what we do here in Texas. He has a great short and medium passing game this year. He has a backup QB that I think may be better the Ash imo.

    His running game has the ability to eat up some big yards quickly if your not careful. I was caught a few times overloading a side which in turned burnt me on the back side for some nice 8yd + carries. Oneback though seemed to abandon this strong running game when I was able to get some good tackles. I will say though that he always seemed to find his way back to his HB but he would lose him during the game at points.

    His defense played really good, they had great coverage and he covered the middle out well with his MLB. #33 this year is a beast and a playmaker. I had the most success when I didn't try and force anything and just took what he gave me short and underneath. But he clamped down as I started to threaten the redzone last night and twice forced me to kick 40+ fg's. Texas's defense played fast with good safety play as well. I tried to sneak a couple of plays in there but once it was picked and the other two deflected.



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