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Thread: 300 Million and I cant find 4 for a dynasty? LOL

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    300 Million and I cant find 4 for a dynasty? LOL

    A country of 300 million and I cant find 12 dedicated players. LMAO. If you are looking for a challenge, click the link above. Come to our Facebook page and meet the guys... see if you mesh well. This is a good group of mostly dedicated players.

    - PS3 league

    - We are looking to add 4 player to get to 12.

    - Typically we all get on a con bridge or at least be paying attention via Groupme to handle recruiting in one motion. We have spreading it across multiple days.

    - We are in year 2030 and have been playing consistently for about a year.

    - Start as 2 star coordinator and work your way up. XP points not adding appear to be the main issue. They dont add for some new users. We are working on a fix for that. Otherwise, its set on 1 and the accumulate really slow.. EARN IT!!

    - Power conference schools are a little different in this league for instance The American is kind of a big East with Vt, Penn *, Syracuse, BC Pitt etc... Conf USA is like the old SWC with Baylor, TCU, Arkansas, Houston and other 2nd tier Texas school. Modified big tens, big 12 and Pac 12 and SEC as of 2009...

    - I randomly change penalties slightly each year in order to switch things up.

    - Sliders are all up for the CPU and down for human with exception of the kicking sliders. THIS IS VERY CHALLENGING.

    - We talk a little trash, but everyone is adult and cool with each other.

    - We ADVANCE PRETTY FREQUENT. At least once a day and sometimes even more than that.


    - Lastly, we are looking for realistic sim style players. While we understand the desire to go for it on 4th down, try not to. We all know there are money plays in the game and while we all use them to an extent, part of the challenge is not to use them consistently. Bottom line is try to play as realistic as possible.

    Im not sold that replying back through here works so contact me on our FB page is
    Request to be added to the page, or email
    or send a message on PSN to tag imyourfather.

    Join up

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    Maybe if you spammed more you'd have better luck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gschwendt View Post
    Maybe if you spammed more you'd have better luck...
    Yeah. The level of spamming has been so sparse to this point that I don't think people believe there is commitment at the top.



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