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Thread: SEC Dynasty Starting up (Xbox 360)

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    SEC Dynasty Starting up (Xbox 360)

    New SEC Dynsasty

    Skill Level: Heisman
    Time: 6 Minutes
    Recruiting Difficulty: All-American
    Advance once a day. Usually at night unless someone ask for an extension
    It is create-a-coach so we can be on even ground recruiting.

    Alabama -
    Auburn -
    Florida - D1 x SUBZERO
    Georgia - WhoWanSeeMe
    Kentucky -
    LSU - D1 x SWAG
    Mississippi -
    Mississippi State -
    Tennessee - sleepymonkey84
    Vanderbilt -
    Arkansas -
    South Carolina -
    Texas A&M -
    Missouri - Joynestein

    1. Nano Blitzing and Money Plays are strictly prohibited. Using these exploits will result in ban if proven that they have been used.
    2. Going for it on 4th is only allowed when:
    *the user is down by 21 or more after the half.
    *the user is past the fifty yard line and there is one or less yards to go.
    *the user is down with less then five minutes to go in the 4th quarter.
    3. Two point conversions are only allowed when:
    *it can change a game from a two possession to a one possession game.
    *it can pull a user within a field goal.
    *it can tie the game.
    4. You're pass to run ratio must not exceed 80-20. No team passes every play and no team runs every play.
    5. If you are up on an opponent by more then 8 points with 5 minutes to go in the half you must run out the clock. No running up the score.

    1. You must be active to be in this dynasty. If you miss an advance deadline or need an extension, let the commissioner know with an explanation. Failure to be active in the dynasty will result in an immediate boot.
    You can post on the forum or msg on XBL: Joynestein
    2. Try to schedule your games with a user opponent on xbox live or on the chat box at the home page of the site.
    3. If you cannot get in contact with your opponent contact me and let me know the problem. If worse comes to worse I will allow you to play the CPU.

    If you'd like to join hit up the team forum:
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