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Thread: my team won't sign free agents

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    my team won't sign free agents

    I am playing an offline franchise. I have free agent signing set to auto. In fact I have all the off season stuff set to auto. I have gone through two off seasons and my team didn't sign any free agents in either of them. I look at signings and I see that the CPU controlled teams are signing free agents. Shouldn't the CPU do that for my team if I have it set to auto? I even made it to the first preaseason game with only 1 QB on the roster at which point it did add one more to fill the roster because that is also set to auto. Is this a bug? I have plenty of cap room and my teams were good. Won the SB the first year and lost in the conference championship the second. I don't understand why I am not getting any free agents.

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    Were you able to solve this problem? Maybe it's a common game bug?



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