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Thread: NBA 2K20 - Dwyane Wade to be Legend Edition Cover Athlete?

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    NBA 2K20 - Dwyane Wade to be Legend Edition Cover Athlete?

    Per an apparent leak via Twitter user @mikescriburner, it appears Dwyane Wade will be the cover athlete for the NBA 2K20 Legend Edition, coming September 6.

    Based on previous release cycles, this would also indicate that the standard edition will be available on September 10. Historically, NBA 2K has released game info, if not a trailer, frequently during the NBA Finals, so cover athlete confirmation and perhaps first game news may be coming in the next week or two.

    Once confirmed, this would be the second time Wade has graced the cover of a video game as he was the cover athlete for NBA LIVE 06.

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    Please don’t put those horrible Heat alternate uniforms on the cover. Last years cover full of quotes was ugly too.

    I hope this next game strikes a better balance with defence and contact as you drive. The game needs to feature the dribble hand off stuff more. Today’s NBA uses that stuff all the time. I swear the Pistons probably run DHOs at least 50 times a game. I probably enjoyed 2K18 more than 19 but still really liked both.

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