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Thread: EA discloses pack odds in FUT

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    EA discloses pack odds in FUT

    This is not a freemium game and yet the odds are even lower than what you get in freemium games. Even worse is the less that 1% odds for the best item. So that could be anywhere from .99 to .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000001.

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    Yep they actually don't really disclose the odds in their quasi gambling scheme which makes it even worse than Vegas.

    I'm sick of the pay-to-win quasi gambling model in sports games i'm going to whore out this year and then I'm done with sports titles until this crap is taken out of the game and they focus on making a decent product for a change

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    I do enjoy FIFA, it does seem more like a pay to win game, especially when it comes to FUT. It's nice they have side games that make you do something with all the extra bronze and silver players you "earn" in packs.

    However, I will say PES19 is quite nice and different. You're players improve through gameplay, they can also get worse through bad gameplay. So, it's nice that you start out with lower level talent but through wins and good games they become better.

    It's true FIFA has all the kits, stadiums, etc.. but when you play FIFA FUT or PES MT and you are playing more of lottery style players/game I don't see how the official name badges and stadiums become the deal breaker.

    I'm enjoying FIFA 19 just wanted to give a shout out to PES19, as far as soccer/futbol and gameplay-feel PES is a better game in my opinion, it's hard to work the ball up and down the pitch and it feels like you accomplish something when you do, scoring on PES feels like real soccer 1/10 shots and if FINALLY goes in, FIFA it seems like the last team to score wins.



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