EA SPORTS has released a new blog detailing the one-on-one off-ball controls in NBA LIVE 19. These moves can beneficial when playing off-ball in modes such as The One and LIVE Run to help you to be a better off-ball defender and offensively get open for a wide-open shot or to attack the rim.

Continue on to see the moves explained the blog in a convenient table to help you learn and utilize them in-game.

Off-ball Controls Move
(O) Flick RS away from hoop Fake cut to basket, move to perimeter
(O) Flick RS 'more to side' L and V cuts
(O) RS away from defender [Jostled] Push off for space
(D) Move LS in direction off. player moves Counter to above move
(D) Flick RS down at point of time of counter move Hold offensive player to buy more reaction time
(D) Hold LT when by off. player Deny ball; square-up & jostle off. player
(D) LS towards off. player in intended direction Change def. position (in front or ride hip)