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Thread: NBA LIVE 19 - Court Battles

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    NBA LIVE 19 - Court Battles

    At the NBA LIVE 19 Launch Party, EA SPORTS revealed the big new feature coming to the title this year, Court Battles.

    In Court Battles, users will take their created court and build one squad to defend it and another attacking unit they will play with to try and 'claim' other courts. Users can set their own rules and handicap for their court in an effort to make it more difficult for others to win there and 'claim' it.

    Continue on to see the reveal trailer and excerpts of the official blog detailing the mode.

    The first thing to know about Court Battles is that each attack and defend phase is split into what we call Campaigns. These Campaigns are a set amount of time where you race against the clock to attack and take over as many courts as possible. Each Campaign has multiple Reward Tiers that can be reached depending on how many courts you are able to take before time runs out on that Campaign. But first, make sure you always own your court, in order to earn the most rewards.


    Defending your court is broken down into four key areas:

    1. Choosing your court’s Game Rules – We have 38 rulesets at launch to earn and play against, and we hope to add more throughout the year.
    2. Setting your court’s Defensive Lineup – Define the five players best suited for your Game rules and attacker handicap.
    3. Choosing an Attacker Handicap – This is a restriction you put on the attacking team.
    4. Setting your team’s Game Plan – This is when you define how you want your AI squad to play.

    Click here to read the entire blog entry for much more on Court Battles.
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