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Thread: NBA LIVE 19 Adds Court Creator

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    NBA LIVE 19 Adds Court Creator

    NBA LIVE 19 will feature a Court Creator feature for users to personalize and customize 'The One Court.' This court will be used for Drills, Shootaround, and Scrimmage, among other features.

    While users will not be able to upload custom images, there will be a significant amount of customization options including name, location, floor material, court graphics, floor paint, court text, equipment colors, and more. Full-court graphics will include designs of NBA/WNBA players and designs from artists.

    Continue on to see the Court Creator trailer and click here to read the blog from Designer Lawrence Forrester.

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    This would be a great idea if you could make a a bunch of created teams and run a league with these courts. Would love to recreate the ABA or the teams from "The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh."

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    Nice feature. But I need to hear about offline gameplay.

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