Haven't heard a whole lot about the game but Mike Wang was posting some things today. For me I would love to see the pump fake be more effective against the cpu. Never worked last year. They are reworking pump fake fouls for online but hopefully cpu too.

"New dribble fatigue model in 19. If you overdribble, your ball control will drop and your moves will degrade in speed/effectiveness. So spamming too many moves will drop your dribble tier and eventually cause you to fumble the ball. Need to be efficient with the ball this year."

"One more dribbling note, when branching out of hop gathers (eg. stepback jumpers) only Tier 3 ball handlers can explode out like last year, Tier 2 will be slower but controlled, and Tier 1 will always fumble."

"Pump fake draw fouls have been reworked. Much more reliable now. And for those keeping track... Takeover boosts will probably be closer to +10 (primary ratings) and +5 (other ratings)"

"Random 2K19 info: If you have a trailing defender, holding LT/L2 will trigger a "hold off," which is a Chris Paul like crab dribble that will allow you to seal the defender behind you for a bit... great for cutting defenders off and opening up a driving lane to the rim. Enjoy."

"One more nugget for today: You can branch to dunks from euro, cradle, hop step, and spin gathers. Just kick off one of those layup types and keep RT/R2 held. Kinda tough to pull off but a very cool addition for elite slashers. You can also branch to floaters from euros, cradles, hop steps and spins. Can't forget about the little guys."