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I remember thinking GOW could have used more combat at times. And I was also disappointed in the amount of stealth in HZD but since Iím almost done that I will just have to keep that in mind.

Is the story weak so far?
Typical Tomb Raider fare. Searching for trinket, Trinity and it's new boss are searching for same trinket, you meet at the same place at the exact same time, rinse repeat. Laura is pretty one track mind when it comes to find the treasure, screw everything else. Event happens and she changes for a split second only to go back onto looking for the trinket, rinse repeat. There is an exception where you go through like five stages of her personality, then as expected, gotta find that trinket. You will know it when you play it and probably laugh throughout because it seems at times like the writers did not want to hamstring her but it's Laura Freaking Croft, Tomb Raider. Tomb Raiders need to Raid Tombs. Nathan Drake is the same mold so I tend to expect this from both series. Both are psychopaths with an obsession for shinny things. There have only been a few games where I actually gave two shits about the story. The Witcher 3, TLOU and Red Dead Redemption. If I want a good story, I hit Netflix/Amazon Prime and watch British TV.

As an example of the stealth in the game, midway through the game, there is about 20-30 guys you have to beat using only stealth since you only have a knife. They felt this was not stealthy enough so they throw in a new character type that has night vision googles, so no hiding in bushes and you will spotted instantly if they are looking your way as you move from solid object to next solid object. It was a slog but you get a really cool reward for getting past these guys. Guns just seem to do more damage in this game, so it is best to fight them this way throughout. There are other enemies that do not use guns which in turn allows you to some bow/gunplay. One nice addition is that some Tombs actually have enemies as you are trying to figure out what to do.