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Thread: MLB The Show 18 - Dev Stream: Live Content Update

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    MLB The Show 18 - Dev Stream: Live Content Update

    TGT Recap:

    - Hosted by Ramone Russell, Stephen Hass, and Luis Martinez
    - Agenda: Live Content Update: Team Epics, Ticket Counter, New Event

    - Team working on responding to community emails, nearly 70% through them. Please only send one and not multiple when reporting issues. Address: theshow at playstation dot sony dot com Bug reports can be submitted at
    - Another patch may be developed based on feedback
    - Pitch speeds will not be adjusted universally as "most people do not hit very well."
    - Higher difficulties within Seasons may see faster pitch speeds. Will be investigated by the team.
    - Souvenirs & Exchanges: Some improvements made to help make some of them easier to achieve.
    - PCI: Team is constantly evaluating and investigating potential issues.

    Team Epics (12:17)
    - 30 free flashbacks or legends available, one per team.
    - Hass takes a look at the Team Epics rewards screen and missions, including a detailed look at Baltimore.
    - Hass then takes a look at the rewards for Detroit, Seattle, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco, St. Louis, Toronto, Cleveland, Atlanta, NY Mets, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Colorado, & Minnesota.
    -A new mission in every Immortal in exchange for Team Epic programs.
    - Philadelphia rewards shown.

    New Event (34:00)
    - Southpaws event. 2014 Jon Lester Flashback is reward. Lasts until April 23. Three-inning games featuring left-handed batters and pitchers.

    Ticket Counter (35:42)
    - Thresholds lowered based upon feedback and telemetry.
    - Rookie version of Vlad Guerrero shown/added (Level 50).

    - Upcoming events for Jackie Robinson Day and April Timed Events shown.
    - Discussion of last week's roster update.
    - More programs coming in upcoming weeks and months.
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