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    by Published on 02-22-2014 04:50 PM
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    The Madden NFL team is looking to fans to help re-design team logos and uniforms for relocated teams within Connected Franchise.

    The game currently features seventeen cities for re-location with three team options for each. Designs for new cities and teams will be accepted, however entrants are encouraged to use those currently in the game.

    From Senior Designer Josh Looman: "The uniforms in our Relocation Mode looked good last year, but I thought we could take them to the next level. I wanted to make them feel a little more modern, a little more cutting-edge. Our whole goal in Madden is to create a product that looks like the NFL, that feels like the NFL. So we want something eye-catching, but not so crazy that it would look completely out of place in the NFL, or like something a high school team would wear."

    There may be as few as three winning entries or as many as 20-25, depending on the quality of submissions. The deadline for entries is March 7. For official rules and downloads, visit EASPORTS.com. Further details and clarification can be found at ESPN Uni Watch. ...
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