• Player Likeness Update Available for Madden NFL 15

    Now available to download in the PlayStation Store is a player likeness update for Madden NFL 15. The free pack will provide updated, accurate player faces for an additional 150 players.

    At this time, there has been no official listing of updated faces from EA SPORTS. Let us know what updated and new faces you notice.

    UPDATE: The pack has been removed from the PlayStation Store with this note from Sony:
    "Note: The Madden NFL 15 content made available this morning was released prematurely, and has been removed."
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    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      I grabbed this online but they allegedly took it down now for some reason. Will check it out later.
    1. gigemaggs99's Avatar
      gigemaggs99 -
      Went looking for this on the XBOX1 version, looked in the xbox store couldn't find anything.
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      It was only ps4 for some reason. Probably an oops early release.