• Sneakers in NBA LIVE 15

    EA SPORTS has posted a new blog showcasing some of the shoes that will be featured in NBA LIVE 15. Scanned into the game using the same technology utilized for player faces, uniform material, etc. the shoes appear in these screenshots to be as realistic as have ever appeared in video games, not without reason. More than any other sport, sneaker-heads expect a plethora of options, especially with many players having contracts with shoe manufacturers, if not their own specially-branded shoes.

    The NBA LIVE series has been known for attention to detail when it comes to kicks and it appears that will continue - if not expand - with NBA LIVE 15 when it releases on October 28. Continue on to see images on the shoes from LIVE 15.

    Sneakers in NBA LIVE 15

    Hey, NBA LIVE fans. As many of you know, kicks and sneaker culture are an integral part of basketball. They represent a level of style and personalized expression rarely found in any other sport. It’s hard to think of any other sport where the shoes the players wear are such an important part of their whole persona.

    With that being said, we wanted to show you a few of the kicks that are featured in NBA LIVE 15. Using our scanning technology, we’re able to apply the same level of detail to our sneakers as we do player faces.

    Here is a look at some of the freshest pairs:


    Without question, Air Jordans are some of the most influential sneakers on the planet. First introduced in 1985, the Jordan brand has grown to be a cultural phenomenon – both on and off the court.


    Everyone knows what the ‘Swoosh’ means. Founded on a handshake way back in the 1960’s – NIKE isn’t just a shoe brand. It's a lifestyle.


    adidas has featured some of the most iconic PE shoes to date. From Kobe and T-Mac in the 2000’s to current NBA stars like Damian Lillard and Derrick Rose. adidas has proven that it is "all in or nothing."


    A relatively new addition to the game, Under Armour is working hard to prove that it belongs with the big boys. There stable of young UA athletes isn’t short on talent – and the sky is the limit for what they can achieve.

    These are just a few of the kicks we have in NBA LIVE 15. We will be adding more throughout the rest of the season, so make sure you check back to see the latest.
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