• NBA 2K15 MyGM Improvements

    Game Informer has posted an article breaking down the improvements coming to MyGM in NBA 2K15. With career modes taking a backseat in many other sports franchises, NBA 2K hopes that improved and increased depth will reinvigorate the mode.

    Among some of the improvements: players (and media) will remember your promises and failing them could lead to locker room issues, owners will have dynamic goals, every GM has control of the the team roster from the beginning, SimCast, new pro scouting system, new central Coach Gameplan hub, improved scouting system with player storylines, revamped player training and progression, expanded injury system, improved CPU-controlled team logic, and most notably, the mode will distance itself from VC (virtual currency) and instead rely on an XP system.

    Click here to read the entire article from Game Informer.
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    1. morsdraconis's Avatar
      morsdraconis -
      YESSSS!!!!!! The PC gets the improvements!!! YAYYYYAJAFGKAHAJHASKLDFJHAYYAYAY!!!ATJAHKYAY!!!!!! !
    1. SmoothPancakes's Avatar
      SmoothPancakes -
      Thank god. That VC crap was an absolute stupid as shit decision. Primarily the fact of making it universal. Spending VC in MyPlayer should not fuck me over when it came to upgrading things in MyGM.

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    1. JBHuskers's Avatar
      JBHuskers -
      With me likely not playing NHL much this year, I'll probably dive into franchise here, and Ultimate Team and Big Moments on Live 15 as long as those return. Make it a football and basketball winter.

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