• NBA Live 14: Latest Update to Rosters & Game

    EA SPORTS has posted a blog covering the latest updates coming to NBA LIVE 14. These updates include rosters, ratings, uniforms, and even player appearances/gear.

    After pre-release plans to have the game update within a hour of something happening in the NBA fell short, the game required major updates to allow for the addition of the Live Update system so EA SPORTS could push through manual roster, uniform, and other game updates.

    The latest roster update provides 500+ rating updates, updated rosters (such as Danny Granger to the Clippers), and Noche Enebea & St Patrick’s Day jerseys. The most drastic visual change includes LeBron James' beard and clear protective mask.

    The blog also includes a vague troubleshooting section to ensure users have the latest updates. This is the closest the development team has come to acknowledging any issues with downloading rosters. A small number of users (including this author) have experienced 30-60+ minute hang-ups upon every game start-up and roster check/download. The issue has existed since December 23, except for approximately a 10-day period in early January.

    Image courtesy: twitter.com/Steve_OS
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    1. jaymo76's Avatar
      jaymo76 -
      Good to see some updates are coming. As you know I have also been bitten by that download time bug and as a result I have played the game infrequently for the last month or so.