• NCAA Football 13 - Images from Nine Schools

    EA SPORTS has released more NCAA Football 13 gameplay images featuring the following programs: Arizona State, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Maryland, Mississippi State, Stanford, and Washington.

    Additionally, quite a few teams made it as a by-product of being in these screenshots and they include: Arizona, Auburn, Cal, Clemson, Colorado, Duke, Florida State, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oregon, Oregon State, San Jose State, Tennessee, Texas, UCLA, USC, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.

    While some programs (such as Maryland & Washington) are featured in outdated uniforms/aspects, it is expected - but yet to be confirmed or detailed - that uniforms will be updated at some point during the season. There is some speculation these screens are relatively older in nature and may not be from a recent build of the game based upon rosters and uniforms and may be solely for distribution for media outlets around the country in articles previewing NCAA Football 13.

    Continue after the break to see the images organized by team.

    Arizona State
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    Georgia Tech
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    Iowa State
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    Mississippi State
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    1. ram29jackson's Avatar
      ram29jackson -
      I want to use Maryland alot this year LOL

      people may get upset while they sit there and I'm trying to figure out which uniform combo to use? LOL
    1. cts's Avatar
      cts -
      Not that I expected different ... but it looks like UW is going to be playing in the now-tore-down Husky Stadium still.

      I had been curious about it, but figured that would be the case. I don't think it would have been too simple to add Century Link Field in, and there obviously is no way they could have added the new stadium in.

      On another note, looks like the home unis will go to being 4 years outdated.
    1. baseballplyrmvp's Avatar
      baseballplyrmvp -
      i've never been a guy for the visuals.....but the colors look really sharp this year. much more "crisp" than in previous years.