• Game of the Week Preview: Auburn vs. South Carolina

    The SEC Championship is the focus for our latest Game of the Week as Auburn looks to secure its spot in the BCS National Championship Game while South Carolina looks to avenge a 35-27 regular season loss to the Tigers.

    South Carolina has started to reach the potential they thought existed when they hired Steve Spurrier as head coach in 2004. This season they won their first SEC East championship, defeated defending National Champion and #1 Alabama, and won in Gainesville for the first time.

    At times, Auburn has looked dominant but has also needed lots of poise as they have rallied from behind in eight games including overcoming a 13-point deficit in the first match-up against the Gamecocks. Off the field, they have also overcome the rumors and speculation surrounding the eligibility of QB Cam Newton.

    Will Auburn continue on their date with destiny and move one game away from being crowned Nation Champions? Or will South Carolina's breakthrough season continue with a victory and a spot in a BCS bowl?

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    Spoiler: show
    South Carolina 42, Auburn 14

    Player of the Game:
    South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia 23 of 28 326 yards, 5 TD


    Auburn QB Cam Newton 13 of 21, 173 yards
    South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia 23 of 28 326 yards, 5 TD

    Auburn HB Onterio McCalebb 7 attempts, 61 yards
    South Carolina HB Marcus Lattimore 16 attempts, 48 yards

    Auburn WR Terrell Zachery 4 receptions, 73 yards
    South Carolina WR DL Moore 5 receptions, 84 yards, 2 TD

    Scoring Summary

    1st Quarter
    1:14 TD S. Car: D. Moore, 36 yard pass from S. Garcia (S. Lanning kick)

    2nd Quarter
    3:08 TD S. Car: D. Moore, 7 yard pass from S. Garcia (S. Lanning kick)
    2:35 TD S. Car: D. Holloman, returned fumble 44 yards (S. Lanning kick)
    0:55 TD Aub: D. Bates, returned fumble 17 yards (W. Byrum kick)
    0:02 TD S. Car: A. Jeffery, 36 yard pass from S. Garcia (S. Lanning kick)

    3rd Quarter
    3:18 TD S. Car: J. Cunningham, 18 yard pass from S. Garcia (S. Lanning kick)

    4th Quarter
    2:45 TD S. Car: J. Barnes, 38 yard pass from S. Garcia (S. Lanning kick)
    1:07 TD Aub: M. Dyer, 2 yard run (W. Byrum kick)
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    1. xGRIDIRONxGURUx's Avatar
      i voted SC because i believe they will win... do i really want them to win? no.. because i want oregon to play an SEC school in the NC if we get past O State... but time will tell... just a measly 2 days away...

    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      I really hope Auburn wins to set up Oregon vs. Auburn for the title game. And the NCAA team better try hard to get those offenses working well in NCAA 12 - both for the human and especially for the cpu.
    1. xGRIDIRONxGURUx's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Rudy View Post
      the NCAA team better try hard to get those offenses working well in NCAA 12
      yup... i would love to play with my teams playbook... but until they get it solid, with true stretch blocking, then ill just stick to my pistol...

    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      This is a tough one. I *think* South Carolina finally has things figured out and is hitting stride at the right time. Auburn has dodged the bullet numerous times this season and whether it's this game or against Oregon, their luck is going to run out. Then again, maybe they are a team of destiny.
    1. JBHuskers's Avatar
      JBHuskers -
      I think as much as Auburn has endured....they keep pressing on.
    1. xGRIDIRONxGURUx's Avatar
      i chuckled... literally out loud... at "team of destiny" BAHAHAHAHAHA...

    1. NatureBoy's Avatar
      NatureBoy -
      I think my boys have an excellent shot of becoming SEC Champions. They had Auburn down 20-7 in the 3rd qtr this season. Four costly turnovers in the 2nd half lead to them losing the game.

      I'm so sick of seeing Ca$h Newton and his smug grin. Here's hoping South Carolina can wipe the smug right off of that thug. GO GAMECOCKS!
    1. JeffHCross's Avatar
      JeffHCross -
      This is one of the few times that, despite how outlandish the predicted score seams, I actually think it's believable. Natch is right ... SCar gave them the first game.
    1. SmoothPancakes's Avatar
      SmoothPancakes -
      Hey, look at that! 42-14! Granted it's only end of the 3rd quarter, and it's Auburn who's doing the bitchslapping and not South Carolina.
    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      As of this very second, the score is correct. (Just flipped around. )