• MLB Extends MLB The Show License; Title Coming to More Consoles

    In a joint statement, MLB, the MLBPA, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and San Diego Studio have announced a multi-year extension for development and distribution of MLB The Show. More noteworthy however, is the announcement that the title will now developed for additional consoles beyond PlayStation starting as early as 2021 with 'complete details announced at a later date.'

    Following the release of this news on social media, both the Nintendo and Xbox Twitter accounts responded, implying (confirming?) that the title will be coming to those consoles. While the possibility - or seeming likelihood - of MLB The Show coming to more platforms (read: no longer a PlayStation exclusive) is great news for sports gamers, it also raises a bevy of questions to be answered at a later date:

    Will the game be cross-platform? Will the San Diego Studio be the lone developer on non-PlayStation versions of the title? Will San Diego Studio no longer make PlayStation exclusive titles? Will there be some exclusive game aspects to keep PlayStation as the preferred console for the title? Did the title need to make this move to help cover expenses such as licensing costs or did MLB push them towards it?

    Continue on to see the press releases and tweets previously mentioned.



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    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      I’d like more baseball competition from EA or someone. I’m tired of the Show.
    1. CLW's Avatar
      CLW -
      Anyone could make a baseball game for ms pc nintendo noone did so the mlb apparently strong armed sony forcing them to publish on other platforms.
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      PLEASE get rid of Matty V and add a hitters eye mechanic. No excuse not to add that to the game. People loved that option in MVP and 2K. Truth is the Show did 90% of the things better than 2K but the announcing was far better in 2K. And I preferred the analog pitching and batting of 2K. I did not prefer the bugs or shaky animations.
    1. jaymo76's Avatar
      jaymo76 -
      Makes sense that it's on other platforms. I really like the show but it's not a regular purchase as the season is too long and I lose interest as baseball is not my passion.