• NBA 2K20 - MyGM 2.0 & MyLEAGUE Developer Blog

    The NBA 2K development team has posted a lengthy Facebook blog detailing MyGM 2.0 and MyLEAGUE improvements coming to NBA 2K20.

    This year, MyGM focuses on increasing the number of meaningful decisions made by the user, a score and leaderboard system, a new landing menu, a revamped leveling system, a new skill tree, revamped relationships, revamped goals and tasks, and more.

    Additional MyLEAGUE-level features include: staff card, revised morale and team chemistry, new personality badges for max players, history and records, improved draft class authenticity, improved player DNA, option to force winners, using LT/RT to quickly scroll through menus, and more.

    Continue on to read an excerpt of the blog and click here to read the entire entry.

    MyGM 2.0 Overview

    MyGM was the cornerstone of the revitalized new era of franchise, dating back to 2K14. We delivered to our fans the first-person experience of what it’s truly like to be a GM; to be at the helm of a team in one of the most prestigious sports in the world. There were goals to complete, rosters to build, and conversations to have in a variety of environments. The fans loved it; overall it paved the way for MyLEAGUE in 2K15 and the storylines present in 2K18 and 2K19.

    The fans were clear; they liked the conversations, for the most part. There were a few minor annoyances; hearing from your 6th man for the thousandth time that they wanted to be a part of the starting lineup could get a little old, but overall being able to actually talk to the players and staff made a huge difference in how the game felt.

    Yet as the years went on, the focus clearly shifted as MyGM was no longer the new kid on the block – the fan base loved the sandbox nature of MyLEAGUE, and a lot of the major elements of MyGM were the same year-to-year. You’d still have the same conversations, still have the same goals and STILL have that sixth man that wants a starting spot. When asked to describe MyGM to someone not familiar, the most common description was “It’s like MyLEAGUE… but with conversations.” That is accurate, but we want more. We want to have MyGM carve out its own identity, and to really make it feel like a distinct experience from MyLEAGUE. To do that, we completely overhauled the system to what we call MyGM 2.0.

    Here’s a quick overview of some of the new features contained in MyGM 2.0:

    · Action Points
    · Score and leaderboards
    · Skills, featuring a skill tree and an updated leveling structure
    · Completely new task system
    · Revamped relationships
    · Sponsorships and branding
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    1. jaymo76's Avatar
      jaymo76 -
      I just wish EA Tiburon and the Madden team would look at 2k and say hey if they can do this type of stuff, why can't we?
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      I really like the personality badges for superstars. New morale sounds interesting too. I don’t pay much attention to that.
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      We are getting a gameplay clip tomorrow

    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      In case you missed the tail end of that blog, there were some interesting MyLeague things in there:

      Additional MyLEAGUE-Level Features
      Staff Card

      We’ve had player cards and team cards for years; now it’s time to add staff cards as well. They’re pretty simple and carry over a lot of the information you expect, but now we conveniently group everything into one location.

      Revised Morale and Team Chemistry

      We touched on this a bit over in MyGM 2.0, but we’ve tweaked the morale and team chemistry formulas to make them a bit more dynamic. Now they’ll continue to trend towards an equilibrium point every day, and the makeup of your team matters. Having greatly different work ethics will lower the equilibrium for your team, so putting together a winner should be a little bit more difficult, but more rewarding for those that are able to handle the system well.

      New Personality Badges for Max Players

      One thing that’s always tricky to get right is to determine how max players move in the offseason. We’ve all seen how crazy the 2019 NBA offseason was, but for the most part, all of the star moves seem logical – Kyrie and KD in Brooklyn, AD joining LeBron in LA, those types of moves make sense. Yet it’s hard to replicate two star players meeting up and discussing their future together in the simulation logic, so how can we help make more realistic star player moves in the offseason? Well, we’ve added a few new badges that should help add more texture to where players go if everyone can offer a max:

      Media Ringmaster – This player thrives in front of the cameras and prefers to play in big markets. Pretty straightforward, you should expect players with this badge to be more likely to sign to a big market team.

      Warm Weather Fan – These are for the beachgoers that would rather play in warm, temperate climates and avoid the really cold home teams.

      Finance Savvy – These are players that factor in the tax rate in where they want to go in the hopes of really making the most out of their money.

      Of course, not all players have these badges and these badges don’t necessarily mean that a max player would take a $10M discount to play somewhere they really like; it’s more of a tiebreaker to help make sure that the player movement feels a little more authentic.

      History and Records

      We can now pull the player models or portraits when viewing the team history page. Not a huge change, but we think it looks pretty neat and helps give an even better sense of history as you progress through MyLEAGUE.

      Improved Draft Class Authenticity to the Current NBA

      The NBA after twenty years of auto-generated players should look more and more like the current NBA, in terms of attribute progression and badge growth. We’ve run simulation after simulation to try and tweak the numbers so that if you’re using autogenerated draft classes, it feels like the NBA during your entire MyLEAGUE experience.

      Improved Player DNA

      We’ve added a lot more functionality to Player DNA to try and make it easier to find the players you want for your draft classes. Overview of revisions and new features:

      Tabs that display all downloads, new / hot downloads and previously downloaded items.

      A button to filter out to just things you’ve created.

      Columns that show the date created, date modified, OVR and age.

      The ability to sort based on columns.

      More upload slots for Player DNA creations.

      We know that the franchise fanbase’s passion is unmatched, and we want to continue to give you bigger and better tools to really enjoy the most out of our sandbox modes.

      LT / RT to Quickly Scroll

      Whenever you’re adjusting sliders or numbers in pretty much any franchise menu, you can hold LT and RT to make scrolling go that much faster. Tweaking progression sliders, making a contract offer in MyGM or tweaking values in Edit Player – chances are high LT and RT will help you make the changes more quickly. This has been in some places in the past, but we’ve seen enough requests for faster changing of values to know that it’s something that our fans could really use.

      Option to Force Winners

      Now when simming games in MyLEAGUE, you’ll have the option if you want to set one side to win after simming. If you enjoy crafting storylines and creating elaborate situations, or simply just want to see what happens after making a team win all 82 games in a season, we’ve got you covered.