• Madden NFL 20 Dev Stream Recap - Face of the Franchise: QB1 & Franchise

    The first Madden NFL 20 dev stream provided a look at a new mode coming to the game, Face of the Franchise: QB1, as well as information on some of the improvements coming to Franchise Mode.

    Continue on to see an archive of the stream as well as the TGT Recap.


    Hosted by ZFarls (Global Player Engagement Lead) and Kraelo (Madden NFL Community Manager)

    Kraelo joined by Madden NFL Creative Director Mike Young.

    Face of the Franchise: QB1 Blog

    Face of the Franchise: QB1
    User will select college team in a hat ceremony
    Can play full game in College Football Playoff. First game in Dallas, second (if user wins) in Santa Clara.
    Similar to Cardale Jones storyline, using springboard of CFP to rise up draft board
    Basic and advanced face editing options, including voice selection
    Can select QB archetype: Improviser, Strong Arm, Field General, Scrambler
    Story begins with user going onto field with teammate, one of top WR in country. Will walk through some of controls; players in pre-game on-field uniform/gear (no pads).
    "Everything you do in this mode matters." - Young
    From CFP, you go to NFL Combine
    Combine experience meant to make user feel like they are competing against 2019 QB class; includes GM interviews, red carpet, press conferences, et al.
    Will 'bump into players such as Mahomes and Murray.
    Includes Draft sequence.
    [Portions of Young interview lost due to technical issue.]
    After all of this your player will be in the regular Franchise Mode experience.
    Player Progression: Like Spider-man, basically a loadout for player letting you craft player to your style/fit.
    'We are committed to Franchise and Franchise depth." - Young

    Scenario Engine
    Each week includes generated storylines that will impact team, morale, XP, etc.
    Hugh Shelton, Senior Designer joins the stream.
    Game will help those struggling more than it will reward those who are dominating
    Breakout player story arc
    Dynamic & Static Quests
    Development Traits have been updated
    Rookies will have development trait hidden until midseason

    Rebalanced; stretched out
    400 less players at 70 OVR or higher than in past
    Players progress longer; makes difference between players
    Superstars stand out more

    Q&A/Core Feedback
    Coach Mode improved as a result of other improvements
    Updated Draft Class Generator
    Improved contract and trade logic
    Can only have three X-Factor abilities activated on one side of the ball at a time
    Scheme Fits: More scheme fits added, existing improved
    Evaluating all sources of XP in mode
    Throw Power updated, ball trajectories improved.
    Pro Bowl: First experience when you load Madden
    Can be selected to coach or play Pro Bowl

    After watching the stream, EA encourages user to take this community survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YCHP8ZF

    The next Madden NFL 20 developer stream will be on May 9 and focus on Superstar X-Factor Abilities.
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    1. jaymo76's Avatar
      jaymo76 -
      I was really hoping that there would be a lot more for franchise. This new mode sounds interesting but I wouldn't''t really play it much. It's all about single player franchise...