• NBA 2K20 to Include the WNBA?

    Could the WNBA be coming to NBA 2K20? Today, the Atlanta Dream's Renee Montgomery tweeted a picture of herself being scanned by 2K Sports while asking fans to send a picture if they ever used her player. Montgomery later responded to a question of a fan asking when the WNBA would be added to NBA 2K by saying that it is "going to be in the upcoming game," presumably NBA 2K20.

    The WNBA first appeared in a basketball title in EA SPORTS' NBA LIVE 18. Fans could play as any of the teams in one-off WNBA match-ups via WNBA Play Now. LIVE 19 saw WNBA players appear in Court Battles and Live Events, as well as adding the ability for users to create female players for use in various game modes.

    Why might 2K be adding the WNBA?

    - To add or accommodate women in the NBA 2K League. From April 3, 2018: "We expected there to be women in the draft," said Oris Stuart, NBA chief diversity and inclusion officer. "We know women play the game and that they do play and compete at an elite level." Adding the WNBA and presumably female character creation would allow female players to be properly represented in MyCareer and potentially in the 2K League.

    - To get into (further) good graces with the NBA. As the NBA works to increase the popularity and exposure of the WNBA through each TV deal, seeing one of the top-selling sports video games add the league increases reach and exposure. (NBA 2K18 sold-in more than 10 million units.)

    While NBA LIVE added the WNBA first, it is unlikely 2K adds the league as a competitive decision. Adding the WNBA resulted in good press and positive comments for EA SPORTS, however LIVE 18 & 19 both needed significant discounts to move copies of the title. Inclusion of the WNBA and subsequent goodwill did not translate to any significant boost in sales.
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      Cool. My daughter will like that. And it makes perfect sense for MyPlayer.
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