• NHL 19 Adds In-depth Scouting Aspect to Franchise Mode

    NHL 19 will be adding a new level of depth to its Franchise Mode with a new Scouting system. Users can build a squad of up to 20 scouts that will affect drafting, trading, free agency, and waiver wire pickups.

    Scouts will have 30 ratings that determine their ability to scout players along with two areas of expertise known as Evaluation Abilities and Region Familiarity. Evaluation Abilities help them to determine player related skills and the scout's ability to discover prospects. Region Familiarity indicates a scout's effectiveness in a certain part of the world.

    This new indepth scouting feature also includes amateur scouting as well as the Fog of War, requiring you to utilize your pro scouts to evaluate players you wish to acquire through trades and free agency. Continue on to see an excerpt from the developer blog and the video from Producer Gurn Sumal.

    Franchise mode in NHL® 19 is deeply immersive, thanks to scouting mechanics that fully assess players and provide insightful information. Assemble a team of up to 20 amateur and pro scouts, and choose carefully, as scouting affects drafting, trading, free agency, and waiver wire pickups this year. Great NHL teams are built through drafting and scouting, and in NHL 19, it's no different. Check out the video from NHL 19 Game Modes Producer Gurn Sumal for full details, and learn how to stock your team with talent as you look to clear the Fog of War.

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