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    NBA 2K Senior Producer Erick Boenisch has penned a lengthy blog detailing improvements coming to NBA 2K19's MyLEAGUE Online and MyGM modes.

    While some sports games do not put a focus on these modes, if included at all, NBA 2K continues to build upon and deepen them.

    Continue on to notes of Boenisch's blog and click here to view it in its entirety.


    MyLEAGUE Online

    - Full contracts including a live, real-time free agency period with all league GMs as well as "real-time full-on MyLEAGUE Online mode, you now also have real-time Staff Signing, a real-time NBA Draft, real-time League Meetings (voting on rule changes), real-time everything."

    - Numerous timer options for advancement and pace of these tasks.

    - 'League Members' panel and UI to bring relevant news and info to the forefront.

    - Expanded and complete slider set for advanced user customization including trade sliders, contract sliders, progression sliders.

    - Brand new Create Player facial sculpting system (not exclusive to MyLEAGUE/MyGM).


    - Ability to select 'Traditional' or 'Saga Continues.'

    - Difficulty level options for Traditional setting.

    - 'The Saga Continues': Loose continuation of 2K18's The Next Chapter where you will begin as GM taking the reigns of an expansion franchise.

    - New NBA Draft: New look & feel, more player analysis.

    - Historical Draft Classes: Pre-created draft classes for 1960, 1965, 1969, 1970, 1974, 1976-2017 classes.

    - Player Mentorships: Use a veteran to help customize how a player develops.

    - Traded Player Exceptions.

    - New All-Star Game Format & proper Rising Stars game.

    - New Summer League.

    - Injury History Menu.

    - Draft Pick Tracking: "New interface that allows you to view all of your owned draft picks for the next 5 years, all in one single menu."

    - Choose Your Own Rule Changes & New Rule Changes: Include 1 to 16 seeding, lottery tournament, old Draft Lottery.

    - Player DNA: "Allows you to download, create, and/or share templates of created players via Edit Player to use in custom rosters or draft classes."

    - Updated Draft Lottery.

    - Five years worth of draft picks (previously four).

    - User Controllable Season Awards.

    - On-the-Fly Lineups: Ability to set quick lineups as well as a custom slot.
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    1. SmoothPancakes's Avatar
      SmoothPancakes -
      I love it! THIS is the kind of shit Madden needs to do with Franchise. If they did this kind of stuff and gave you this kind of freedom, I'd happily pay $60 for Madden for the first time since probably 2010.

      I wasn't planning on buying NBA 2K this year since I bought 2K18 last year, but with how much stuff they added to My League, this just became a pre-order this year. I love the amount of freedom they give you to truly customize your own league. The amount of sliders alone puts Madden to shame.

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    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      Player mentorships? Man it gets detailed.

      Are there any details about Live improvements for both franchise and gameplay?
    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rudy View Post
      Player mentorships? Man it gets detailed.

      Are there any details about Live improvements for both franchise and gameplay?
      Franchise - No, not as of now at least.

      Gameplay - Not really besides the generic statements on the website on Narrative Gameplay and Real Player Motion. I believe there has also been some mention of offball improvements, but I am not finding that in a quick search.
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      Both basketball games with very delayed info with releases in early September. Games have to be close to Gold.