• MLB The Show 18 - Dev Stream: Live Content Update

    Thursday's MLB The Show 18 developer livestream focused on the live content coming to the game, namely within Diamond Dynasty.

    Show content centered on showcasing the flashbacks and legends available for the 30 MLB Teams as co-host Stephen Hass showed rewards for half of the league.

    Also discussed towards the end of the show were a new event ('Southpaws'), changes coming to the Ticket Counter, and the recent roster update.

    Continue on to watch an archived version of the livestream.

    TGT Recap:

    - Hosted by Ramone Russell, Stephen Hass, and Luis Martinez
    - Agenda: Live Content Update: Team Epics, Ticket Counter, New Event

    - Team working on responding to community emails, nearly 70% through them. Please only send one and not multiple when reporting issues. Address: theshow at playstation dot sony dot com Bug reports can be submitted at theshownation.com
    - Another patch may be developed based on feedback
    - Pitch speeds will not be adjusted universally as "most people do not hit very well."
    - Higher difficulties within Seasons may see faster pitch speeds. Will be investigated by the team.
    - Souvenirs & Exchanges: Some improvements made to help make some of them easier to achieve.
    - PCI: Team is constantly evaluating and investigating potential issues.

    Team Epics (12:17)
    - 30 free flashbacks or legends available, one per team.
    - Hass takes a look at the Team Epics rewards screen and missions, including a detailed look at Baltimore.
    - Hass then takes a look at the rewards for Detroit, Seattle, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco, St. Louis, Toronto, Cleveland, Atlanta, NY Mets, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Colorado, & Minnesota.
    -A new mission in every Immortal in exchange for Team Epic programs.
    - Philadelphia rewards shown.

    New Event (34:00)
    - Southpaws event. 2014 Jon Lester Flashback is reward. Lasts until April 23. Three-inning games featuring left-handed batters and pitchers.

    Ticket Counter (35:42)
    - Thresholds lowered based upon feedback and telemetry.
    - Rookie version of Vlad Guerrero shown/added (Level 50).

    - Upcoming events for Jackie Robinson Day and April Timed Events shown.
    - Discussion of last week's roster update.
    - More programs coming in upcoming weeks and months.
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