• NBA Live 18 - Game Update 1.11 Adds All-Star Content & More

    NBA Live 18 game update 1.11 is now available and adds in 2018 All-Star Game content, gameplay tuning, playstyle improvements, updated rosters, All-Star content to Ultimate Team, as well as some player likeness updates.

    The updated player likenesses are not mentioned in the patch notes, but screenshots and social media posts from developers and community members have highlighted visual improvements and changes to players such as LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Lonzo Ball, D'Angelo Russell, and Rip Hamilton. It also updates the Bucks with new head coach Joe Prunty.

    Also, NBA LIVE 18 is currently available for PS Plus members (PS4) for just $4.49 through 2/20/18.

    Continue on to read the patch notes from EA SPORTS and to see images from this content and roster update.


    Title Update 8 Patch Notes

    Inside Shot Tuning:

    • Tuned the distance of what makes a shot “contested” near the rim. End result is a reduced success rate for contested shots at the rim.

    Anklebreaker Tuning:

    • Fixed an issue where a second off ball defender could get their ankles broken. Also, reduced the chance of anklebreakers for the onball defender.

    Playstyle Improvements

    Reduced by 1, Max Bonus Increased, and scale was adjusted to allow a more beneficial boost on your first stack
    Break it Down (Slasher)

    • Give & Take (Point Shooter)
    • Hot in the Post (Post Anchor)
    • Board and Fire (Stretch Big)
    • 3&D (Backcourt Defender)
    • Playmaker Sig Ability adjustment
    • Increased your ability to score (with sig ability)
    • Slight increase to your ability to boost a teammate with your pass
    • Two Way Impact (Hybrid Wing)
    • Increased Bonuses

    Gameplay Trait Improvements

    • Quick Recovery was fixed, all forms of ankle breakers in both dribble moves should no longer play on you if the trait is equipped
    • Catch & Shoot Bonus reduced
    • Corner Three Bonus Increased
    • Early Release Bonus Increased
    • Late Release Bonus Increased

    Skill Trait Improvements

    Set Base Skill Scale for Bronze/Silver/Gold traits from a 72/74/80 rating to a 72/76/82 rating

    Affected Traits:

    • Block
    • Mid-Range
    • Passing
    • Offensive Rebound
    • Block
    • Three-Point
    • Steal

    All-Star Update

    • All-Star Court
    • All-Star Jerseys
    • All-Star Teams
    • Teams still referred to as East and West instead of Team Stephen and Team LeBron due to design call to keep Franchise Mode from displaying wildly inaccurate team names
    • Number of smaller bug fixes.

    Trade Deadline Roster Update

    • Cavs Cleaning House
    • IT to Lakers
    • Wade back to Miami
    • Mirotic to Pelicans
    • Payton to Suns

    Ultimate Team

    • All-Star Content based on 2018 All-Stars
    • New All-Star Items for all All-Stars with Ratings Boosted
    • New All-Star Fantasy Challenges to reward users
    • BOGO Gold Packs
    • Coinciding with EA Sports Sale and New Users

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