• NBA 2K18 - Offensive Tendencies, AI Execution, & Motion Blog (OS)

    NBA 2K18 AI Producer Nino Samuel (aka Da_Czar) has shared a new blog exclusively at Operation Sports discussing offensive improvements coming to the basketball title.

    The blog uses a combination of screenshots and quick clips from the game to showcase changes to Playcalling & Substitutions, Tendencies, and much more.

    Continue on to read an excerpt then click here to read the full blog at Operation Sports.

    I have the benefit of working with an incredibly talented and dedicated group of producers and engineers. At this point in the year we have put so much into the game that it is honestly difficult to narrow down the best way to relate the impact of our changes to your game-play experience.

    I will take you through the 3 key areas of improvement: Tendencies, AI execution and Motion.
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