• NBA 2K18 - AI Improvements Blog (OS)

    Posted exclusively at Operation Sports, a new NBA 2K18 blog from Gameplay Producer Scott O'Gallagher breaks down the AI gameplay improvements coming to the title.

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    The Adaptive Coaching Engine has changed the game in the sports gaming industry. However, we believed that in order for this system to go to the next level, we really needed to get back to the fundamentals and knock out some deficiencies that have hindered this system. With that said, Shawn, the outstanding engineer that I work hand in hand with, gave me complete control over the major defensive AI decision making. This could be anything from the defender’s hip and facing angle, to what speed and stance he is in. From there, like a real film session, we broke down every cut or action that has hurt us in previous years and figured out the best “basketball” solution on how to solve it.

    As you will see in this video, Beal has a situational understanding of all the different off ball cuts Redick has at his disposal.

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