• NBA 2K18 - All-Time Teams Trailer & Rosters

    2K Sports has released a trailer showcasing and the full rosters for the All-Time Teams in NBA 2K18. Each NBA squad will have an All-Time Team featuring the best to have ever played for that particular franchise.

    While taking criticism historically for their reliance on Virtual Currency, the NBA 2K franchise has been relaxed and geared towards the consumer when it comes to allowing players to use Legends and All-Time players in the open and not behind a paywall or comparable MyTEAM mode as other developers do.

    However, some players who have/will not sign licensing rights put a dent into this new feature. Some of the more high profile former players missing from the All-Time Teams include Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Moses Malone, and Rasheed Wallace.

    It is also worth noting that the All-Time Oklahoma City Thunder team contains numerous players from the Seattle Supersonics who did not get their own All-Time team as some fans had hoped.

    Continue on to see the All-Time Trailer and rosters.

    View the All-Time Team rosters on the NBA 2K18 Facebook page.
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    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      I really like how 2K doesn't hide the ability to use legends behind the MyTEAM paywall/structure like EA does with legends and Ultimate Team.

      However, I will say some of these player faces & body definition for legends/all-time team players in 2K18 are something else. 2K18's regular player faces generally seem to be improved this year (some are still off, which is to be expected), but a lot of these legends/all-time players are rough, IMO. Ironically, there's a screenshot of Westbrook from this trailer that is getting quite a bit of criticism on social media today.